Tokyo Court Rules Posting Manga Dialogue Without Permission Is Copyright Infringement

Tokyo Court Rules Posting Manga Dialogue Without Permission Is Copyright Infringement

Images, gifs, fragments of scenes, dialogues … On the Internet we can find all that and more about a manga artwork or anime series. But, to what extent is it “legal” to share this type of document over the Internet and social networks?

As collected Anime News Network, the Tokyo District Court ruled last week that posting manga dialogue online without permission is copyright infringement. This sentence was made because a manga spoiler website (the medium does not specify which one) published almost all the dialogue verbatim of the manga Kengan Omega, capturing a total of 63 episodes.

Sandrovich Yabako and Daromeon, authors of the work, had previously filed legal actions against people who had published images of the manga without their authorization. The editor’s attorney described the court’s infringement ruling on the wholesale copy of the dialogue as “epoch-making.”

“The number of websites that publish all the details of the content of a manga is increasing one after another, and this is becoming a major problem,” noted the Shogakukan editorial department, adding that he will defend the rights of creators with determination.

For its part, Kodansha publisher has begun taking legal action against “various accounts and individuals” to prevent illegal uploads and early leaks of the final chapter of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga. The manga’s publisher specifically said last Tuesday that the company is working to prevent leaks of text, along with images, and will go after illegal uploaders “regardless of the country.”

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