This hard drive is a good brand, has 5 TB and costs only 99 euros, a bargain for your PC or console

This hard drive is a good brand, has 5 TB and costs only 99 euros, a bargain for your PC or console

As with the passage of time, digital content grows in space occupation due to the fact that they have better quality or that they are more complete, the need for storage space also grows. For example, not so long ago, Mac computers that exceeded 1,000 euros had 128 GB of memory in SSD. This is far from enough for all the content that we require today, be it photos, videos, music, or even software. If we talk about games, it happens to us similar. 500 GB of hard disk is very short as soon as we want to install a few games, and leaving the physical format behind to go digital is something more and more common. So in a lot of cases if you are a standard user, you need an external hard drive. And one A great option is this Western Digital hard drive with no less than 5 TB.

Although it is true that it is a rotating hard drive and it is not an SSD, it is still equally useful for storing a large number of files. We can even connect it to a game console and use it to store games without fear that performance may decline. With 5 TB we will have 10 times the capacity of the standard hard disk of the PS4, to give us an idea. And the best thing is that we have it in a single device, and that we can buy it right now at an optimal price of just 99 euros in Media Markt.

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It is an external hard drive that does not require connecting it to the electrical network, something that until recently was not usual for such capacity. It is portable, so we can take it from there to there with our computer, or when we go on a trip, without that being a problem.

The brand is trusted and is one of the references in the market, since it is Western Digital. We are not talking about a Chinese brand that has units that have not passed the quality control of other brands and that sell at cheaper prices. We are talking directly about a hard drive marketed by Western Digital.

And what’s more, it is a relatively small and light hard drive. Its size is that of any hard drive that could reach 1 TB before, only that today the same 5 TB drives have been produced, and at very affordable prices.

The cost of this hard drive is undoubtedly the highlight of it. By only 99 euros you will have a hard drive with a lot of capacity that you can use for games if you connect it to a game console, to movies or series if you connect it to a home media player, or simply as storage for files such as photos, videos or for PC backups. A must-buy for virtually any electronics user today.

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