The new Chromecast with Google TV, with three months of YouTube Premium in this offer

The new Chromecast with Google TV, with three months of YouTube Premium in this offer

After several years without renewal, finally last year Google put on sale a new edition of the Chromecast, one of its flagship devices. This time, reducing dependence on the mobile, it incorporates its own remote and Google TV, a new interface that greatly improves its usability.

Its official price is 69.99 euros, and remains unchanged, as is usually the case for at least the first year after the launch of a new Chromecast. What can be considered an offer is what FNAC does: If you buy the new Chromecast (2020) with Google TV, you get three months of YouTube Premium for free.

The collection is free in any of its physical stores, although if you prefer you can also have it sent to your home, more comfortable but perhaps not faster.

As in we have been able to carry out the Chromecast review (2020), we can affirm that it is a streaming device that is undoubtedly worth it, especially since it maintains all the strengths of its predecessor and adds more.

It is compatible with 4K resolution, has a control with a virtual assistant Google Assistant and allows, if you prefer, to send content from your mobile, as it was done in the Chromecast 3. If not, you can always turn it on and navigate through its own interface, Google TV.

The latter is undoubtedly a direct response to the strength of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, which are cheaper and offered the independence of the phone that many users had been demanding. In your case, the 4K model it costs 60 euros, although normally it is easy to see it lowered a lot.

What is clear is that you choose the device you choose, in many cases it is necessary to have one at home, especially if you have televisions that are not Smart TVs or if your operating system leaves much to be desired, something that is sadly common. .

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