The Borderlands movie kicks off its filming with this first photo from the set

The Borderlands movie kicks off its filming with this first photo from the set

There are currently a good number of movies inspired or directly based on video games that are on the way. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City hopes to capture the true essence of the series, while Uncharted wants to offer a prequel perspective for the video games of Naughty dog. Paramount also wants to turn the success of Sonic: The Movie into a streak. Meanwhile, it comes from Pandora a talkative group with the Borderlands movie, which they will direct Eli roth.

The film based on the popular franchise of Borderlands promises to capture the hooligan vibe of video games from a cinematic point of view, something the Roth experience hopes to help with.

The actress who will play Tiny Tina, Ariana greenblatt, has been in charge of making an echo on social networks of the beginning of the filming of Borderlands, with an image shared through Instagram with Eli Roth himself.

The cast of Borderlands is not wasted. In addition to GreenBlatt, the film will feature Kevin hart What Roland, Jamie Lee Curtis will give life to Tannis, Jack black will lend its voice to Claptrap, Roland’s companion robot and Cate blanchett it will become in Lilith. Filming began yesterday and will continue for several weeks. We will keep an eye on the news from the film’s filming set in Budapest, Hungary.

What do you think that Borderlands has already started filming? Do you think the film will be able to capture the essence of the video game franchise of Gearbox?

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