Supercell Expands Clash of Clans Universe With Three New Mobile Games Announced

Supercell Expands Clash of Clans Universe With Three New Mobile Games Announced

Two of the most powerful titles in the mobile market, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, have already formed their own universe full of characters, stories and more. Supercell has brought their ideas to life and it seems that the developer company will continue to exploit this franchise.

Supercell has just announced the development of three new titles related to the Clash universe. Each of them will enjoy their own identity and have been seen in a development diary published by the company itself.

Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes are the three announced projects and surely their proposals sound familiar to you. Clash Quest developed in Helsinki, it is a strategy tactical game which invites the player to take down a series of predetermined structures in a similar way to the mechanics of the two already known games, only with a much more tactical approach.

On the other hand, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes are developed in Shanghai. The first would fall within the genre autochess (TFT) with a lovelier aesthetic. Regarding the third title, perhaps the most important project, Clash Heroes has interesting reminiscences of games like Diablo. It is an adventure game with RPG skills and touches.

We want to focus on creating new ways to enjoy and play with your favorite Clash characters, while delving into the world through new environments and game experiences, commented on the publication recently released.

All three games are in an early stage of development. We believe these 3 can become the great games Clash fans deserve. However, if they don’t meet the standards, we’ll kill them and move on to other attempts, Clash-related or not.

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