Stonks! The famous meme sneaks into Fortnite Season 6 with its own skin

Stonks!  The famous meme sneaks into Fortnite Season 6 with its own skin

Fortnite Season 6 continues to advance at a good pace with lots of additions. Nothing more and nothing less than dinosaurs have made a dent in this primitive theme that Epic Games has given to the current and, practically, just season.

However, among all those settings that the developer decides to capture in her famous battle royale, we must also highlight the very identity of Fortnite, which is that of staying abreast of all the news from the outside world and adapting to fashions and trends.

Memes are a fundamental part of current popular culture and there is one that has been one of the most used in social networks for a few weeks. We talk about Stonks! a meme that was created in 2017 and that it responds to a bad writing of Stocks, that means “goods”.

Well then, this meme has come to Fortnite coinciding with the American celebration of April Fools’ Day. Epic Games decided to launch a faithful recreation of this man modeled in 3D under the name of Merchant of Diamonds.

Is about a Rare skin that can be obtained for 1,200 V-Bucks in the in-game store. This skin includes the usual pose of the meme and as a backpacking accessory, the red rising arrow that indicates profits. This is somewhat anecdotal, but it could pave the way for new meme-based skins.

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