Sol Cresta, Platinum Games’ new retro shoot’em up, is confirmed in a trailer

Sol Cresta, Platinum Games' new retro shoot'em up, is confirmed in a trailer

What seemed like a joke has become a reality. Sol Cresta, the trick that Platinum Games prepared in April Fools 2020, has become reality. The developer herself published it on April Fools’ Day this year and raised doubts again.

Sol Cresta was an imaginary continuation of Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, arcade titles released in 1980 and 1985 respectively. This supposed third installment would continue his shoot’em up legacy. The joke was not overly popular in certain circles, but it has finally come true.

Platinum Games to develop Sol Cresta as part of a new batch of Arcade Neo-Classic games. The title has not offered many more details, but it has been shown in a short gameplay that we have left you just above.

This shoot’em up collects the arcade essence and will transfer its formula to current consoles. Platinum Games reported that Sol Cresta will arrive this year on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, through Steam. There will be more news soon.

If you are wondering if, perhaps, Platinum Games, has decided to take their joke to the next level … the announcement of this game with platforms already revealed, aims to be true. Therefore, we are waiting for more details with a new ships and Martians title ready for the next few months. What do you think?

Just today, Platinum Games has been very present and it is that, the Japanese company is launched to the mobile market with its first game. And when we say it is launched, it is that it has already been released. Now available World of Demons, the mobile title from Platinum Games for Apple Arcade with samurai and yokais.

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