New Animal Crossing trailer with all the April news (cherry blossom petals, prom)

New Animal Crossing trailer with all the April news (cherry blossom petals, prom)

With each new month that begins, Nintendo reminds us of the news that awaits us in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This trailer reviews what we will find on the islands this month, in which spring is already hitting the ground, and cherry blossoms.

A) Yes, until April 10, all the trees that are not fruit trees will become cherry trees, with pink leaves, and through the air we will be able to catch the petals with the net. With them we can carry out DIY projects that will be achieved popping balloons, between April 1 and 10. Watch out for heaven!

The trailer also highlights the new seasonal items that will be in April. The most interesting are the graduation objects (end-of-year dance, proms), with new floors and walls that we can buy in the seasonal objects catalog. There are also ball gowns in the tailor shop.

In this guide we tell you All Seasonal Items from Animal Crossing New Horizons in April, including those of arbor day and nature day.

We are not forgetting the favorite event of … uh … well, it was the least liked event last year, so this year it has been shortened: the day of the Egg hunt It will be this Sunday, April 4, although you will have already been able to find new objects from the egg collection in the store, and farm many eggs of the six types to get the recipes of the event.

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Finally, do not forget that with spring and good weather (in the northern hemisphere) many new species of fish, critters and sea creatures, like the atlas moth.

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