MLB the Show 2021 is coming to Xbox Game Pass: it’s the first PlayStation game to do so

MLB the Show 2021 is coming to Xbox Game Pass: it's the first PlayStation game to do so

Microsoft has announced that MLB The Show 2021, the baseball simulator, will be available in Xbox Game Pass on the same game launch day, April 20. It can be played on consoles (Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One) and also on Android through the cloud. So far, nothing weird. Although the curious thing about the news is that MLB The Show 2021 It’s a game … for PlayStation.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been officially licensed by MLB (Major League Baseball in the United States) for 15 years, releasing annual games for all its consoles. They are the work of San Diego Studio, a Sony studio dedicated almost exclusively to these sports games. However, the result of an agreement between Sony and Microsoft, MLB The Show will also be released on Xbox consoles. And according to rumors, it could come to Nintendo later.

Have you noticed that Xbox and PlayStation logos happen at the beginning of the trailer?

The move makes perfect sense, as baseball is one of the most popular sports in the US, the region where Xbox is arguably the most popular. Interestingly, the PS Studios logo will appear on the game’s cover, although it will not be Sony who distributes the Xbox One and Xbox Series X version of MLB The Show 2021, but MLB itself.

These bridges between cross-platform games aren’t common, but they’re not new either: Psychonauts 2, which is a game from Xbox Game Studios, is coming out on PS4. And in turn, several of the games distributed by Xbox, such as Cuphead, have also reached PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

MLB The Show 2021 will be out on April 20 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and of course also PS4 and PS5.

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