Ghostrunner to Release PS5 and Xbox Series X | S Versions in Fall – 2021 Roadmap Detailed

Ghostrunner to Release PS5 and Xbox Series X | S Versions in Fall - 2021 Roadmap Detailed

The players of Ghostrunner will be happy, as the action and platformer title, Released a few months ago, it will receive a lot of new content over the next few months. Your roadmap is already announced and there is much to discover.

For starters, Ghostrunner’s plans are to offer an improved experience on next-gen consoles. This had already been announced, but now we have a release window for these versions.

For starters, in the spring of this year it will be added a new game mode nicknamed Kill Run, which will bet on a time trial format in which players must complete the levels in a specific time. In addition, a Photo mode which will give a lot of gameplay and a premium cosmetic DLC with more bonus content.

In the summer, another new game mode will be added (its theme has not yet been detailed) and an extra premium cosmetic DLC that will be accompanied by two new content packs. Finally Ghostrunner will be released this fall on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, with free update for those who already own the game and with substantial improvements.

In that same season, a new DLC will be launched that promises to add new content from different areas and a premium pack of cosmetics. Here we leave you the roadmap, More information is expected to be released over the months.

It seems that after the purchase of Ghostrunner by publisher 505 Games, the license wants to be exploited for a long time. The plans are already ready, as is the launch of the Nintendo Switch version, which was delayed at the time and will end up arriving on November 10.

Source: GamingBolt

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