Days Gone details the improvements and technical options that will arrive with the PC version

Days Gone details the improvements and technical options that will arrive with the PC version

Days Gone was one of the most eye-catching PS4 exclusives to come out in 2019, and PC gamers will soon be able to enjoy it with enhanced features. Bend Studio’s action adventure title details its features and options added for the supported version.

We already knew the requirements of Days Gone on PC, but now its creators place special emphasis on the options that your game will allow when it comes out on this system. its official file on Steam already revealed some of them, but now we have more information about it.

Bend Studio has announced on its Twitter account the main news of Days Gone in its PC version, among which its compatibility with Ultra resolution monitors, unlocking frame rate, improved graphics and adapted controls, with extra accessibility options.

Days Gone won’t be the last PlayStation exclusive game to see the light of day on PC. It already happened with Nioh 2, although it had some problems when it came to reaching the PC platform. Another title that could also come out in compatible It’s Bloodborne, with a remastered version that would also make its way to PS5.

Bend Studio account also add Days Gone links on Steam and Epic Games Store, where its specific release date, scheduled for this spring, has not yet been revealed. We are going to detail its added functions for PC users.

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  • Ultra resolution monitor support
  • Frame rate unlocked (it will adapt to the performance of our team)
  • Improved graphics compared to the PS4 version
  • Achievements have been added, which work similarly to trophies on PS4 and PS5
  • PC-friendly controls and controller support
  • Includes Survival mode, Challenge mode, New Game + and new skins for the bike.

As data, Days Gone is one of the free PS Plus games for this month of April, so PS4 and PS5 users you can enjoy it if you are subscribed to PS Plus. In case you do not know the minimum and recommended requirements of the game on PC, here you can take a look.

Source: Bend Studio

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