An Xbox manager says that if they win this Twitter poll they will launch the Xbox Series X fridge

An Xbox manager says that if they win this Twitter poll they will launch the Xbox Series X fridge

Xbox continues to surprise us with new products and ingenious ideas, in addition to its new games and services. Much was said at the time about whether Xbox Series X was a refrigerator, with many memes and humorous vignettes … and the truth is that yes, It could be a fridge, literally.

The Twitter Marketing account yesterday launched a survey that faces two major world brands: Skittles vs Xbox, depending on which company best advertises its products. And that’s when the bomb jumped: Xbox Series X fridge could go on sale. And no it’s not a joke for him April’s Fools.

As these lines are being written, Xbox is leading by a ratio of 52-48. AND Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Manager, promised on Twitter that they would make the Xbox Series X fridge a reality if they won this poll. Is it true? It would be quite a hoot.

We already told you that Microsoft would launch a Jenga game for Xbox Series X, and we even already knew about the existence of the Xbox Series X fridge, although only on a promotional level, in response to the memes about its design. But this new product could go on sale to all users, depending on the result of this survey.

Ok … here it goes. Help @Xbox Let’s win this and put it into production this year!: REAL XBOX SERIES X MINI FRIDGES! Yes, you read it right. This is not an April Fools joke. No clickbait” Aaron Greenberg wrote on social media, citing the Twitter Marketing tweet.

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With the name of Real Xbox Series X Mini Fridges, This new product consists of small refrigerators with the identical design to the Xbox Series X. Imagine what it would be like to open this refrigerator at night and see how Xbox logo looks in your kitchen…insuperable.

Would you buy this Xbox Series X cooler? From here we wish that Xbox win poll against Skittles and Aaron Greenberg keep your word … we are already preparing the portfolio to update our kitchen with this Microsoft product.

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