An 88-year-old man manages to find help in his neighborhood to resume his passion for video games

An 88-year-old man manages to find help in his neighborhood to resume his passion for video games

One of the great aspects of video games is that they are for all ages, equally dazzling children, adolescents, adults and even the elderly, and it is that thanks to these playable experiences we can visit other unimaginable worlds while having a good time. But sometimes age is unforgiving, and enjoying your favorite video game at 25 is not the same as at 88, and some titles such as The Elder Scrolls license may not be so simple for an 88-year-old with delicate health. .

Now a story collected by the German medium spiegel introduces us to an 88-year-old man who claims that video games have helped him get out of bed to live a new youth.

And is that Klaus-Jürgen Langner He is 88 years old, and he is a retired video game lover who started with The Elder Scolls III: Morrowind, but now some time later he has tried to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but without being able to pass the first fortress and, instead of abandoning the game and go back to bed, it occurred to him with his best friend, to place 100 posters throughout the neighborhood to look for people to help him pass that first fortress.

Unknowingly, Langner has become a true social media star, with thousands of people wanting to help him pass Skyrim.

After receiving the help of the neighborhood, and passing that first fortress that resisted him, now he says he is enchanted by the open world that the video game offers, and instead of being interested in killing enemies, he prefers to dedicate himself to exploring the world, because it reminds him of when he was young when he went on a caravan trip.

Before her hip pain took away any interest in getting out of bed, but now that she can enjoy Skyrim with the help of her neighborhood, she spends hours in front of the television.

When I set up the Playstation 4 and tried to install the game, Klaus-Jürgen was in bed in pain“says his 54-year-old neighbor Heinz.”But then the game started and he sat down in front of the monitor. And his pain disappeared“.

Article images courtesy of Spiegel / Matthias Kreienbrink

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