Why is Mario’s death being talked about online?

Why is Mario's death being talked about online?

It was a Thursday afternoon and Super Mario 3D All-Stars was announced, a compilation of three award-winning classic 3D installments from the most famous plumber in video games. Only there was a slight drawback that nobody counted on: the game was going to stop being sold, both in physical and digital format, as of March 31, 2021; That was last night, but three days after announcing its second-hand sale it was already through the roof.

However,why limit the launch of such a special game and on such an important date as this 35th Anniversary of Mario? Certainly, although the current Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, explained it in an interview, most of us still do not understand it, so there will be no more copies of the title in circulation.

All this has made the internet, especially the RRSS, take it as a joke with him hashtag #MARIOISDEAD, joke with public executions of Mario for the end of his Anniversary and much more. In an attempt to make fun of the ridiculous situation created by Nintendo, despite the fact that the sales of Super Mario 3D All Stars grew 276% in the United Kingdom during its penultimate week on sale.

But not everything is sadness and agony over Mario’s departure since he has died, because Nintendo fans have declared a new king as his replacement: Kirby. Following many tweets with him hashtag #KirbyNintendoMascot, they’re trying to make it the new visible face of the company, something possible since, as we say, Super Mario sadly passed away last night.

Either way, Nintendo’s move has already paid off few days before going on sale, but the prices of Super Mario 3D All-Stars started to skyrocket several days ago, when it was still available.

Super Mario 3D All Stars codes sold in stores will continue to work after March 31

¿You have had time to get your copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars? Remember that stores will continue to sell it while supplies last.

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