Unboxing of the Cluedo Batman edition, the popular board game with the Dark Knight’s villains

Unboxing of the Cluedo Batman edition, the popular board game with the Dark Knight's villains

We continue with our review of the table games most interesting that are available in the market. These days we are focusing on more “geek” versions of the more classic board games. If a few days ago we showed you the unboxing of Monopoly from Dragon Ball Super, today we want to show you the edition of Cluedo focused on Batman.

For those of you, like fellow Daniel Quesada, who have never played this game in your life, Cluedo is a fun board game for 2 to 6 players whose central axis takes place in a picturesque and spacious mansion, where in the role of Some detectives, we have to find out the murder that has been perpetrated in the house, having to find out who the murderer is, where he killed the victim and with what weapon he did it.

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Following the same mechanics, the Batman Cluedo sets the comic universe of DC by putting the entire city of Gotham as a setting on the game board. This time there is no murder, but the Commissioner Gordon has been kidnapped by one of the main enemies of the Dark Knight. But who?

That is where we will enter this competitive board game in which we will have to bring out the most detective side of Batman to find out who of the villains (The Penguin, Harley Quinn, Joker, Enigma, Poison Ivy and Catwoman) has been the one who has kidnapped him, where he did it and with what Batman’s stolen gadget perpetrated the kidnapping. How Batman has been able to steal objects such as the Batmobile itself is a mystery that we will leave for another time.

The cluedo batman game it can be easily obtained in stores for the approximate price of 40 euros. What did you think of this first look at the game? What other board games would you like us to show in our section? Do not hesitate to contribute your suggestions in our comments section.

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