This is what Control would be like if it were a 1996 PS1 game, Remedy’s surprising April’s Fools prank

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The jokes of the April’s Fools, and this time Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake, Max Payne) was the main protagonist. If Razer’s joke with its RGB shampoo was the best, the creators of Control are pushing hard with this demake trailer of his game… as if it had come out in 1996.

Can you imagine what Control would be like if it were a PS1 game in 1996? Well, it is already a reality, or at least during the 50 seconds that this gameplay trailer lasts. Walking the corridors of the Federal Office of Control has never been so nostalgic as now … and of course, with the characteristic “polygons” of this time.

Many years have passed, but this trailer perfectly reflects how were the 3D games of those years. Control swaps its textures and physics for duller colors, a Jesse faden with brown hair, as well as different scenarios that alternate lights and shadows (in a metaphorical sense).

Remedy has shared this nice trailer demake on their social networks, as well as on YouTube, leaving users speechless, although obviously it was clear that it was a joke about April’s Fools. We saw another example last night, with 343 Industries announcing the ” delay ” of Halo Infinite.

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We can’t deny that we’d love to see a playable version of this Control from 1996, which perhaps does not stand out for the technical section, but for its nostalgic charm, its 90s music and everything that made the games of the generation of PS1, Nintendo 64 and Saturn.

About Remedy, in the last hours rumors have arisen that point to the possible development of Alan Wake 2, the sequel to the legendary horror game for Xbox 360 and PC. It appears that the project is being orchestrated by Epic Games, although there is nothing confirmed.

Source: GamesRadar

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