This is the beer parody of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that has gone viral

This is the beer parody of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that has gone viral

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the most famous licenses in video games, and while Rockstar decides to announce a new installment of the series, the user community manages to reimagine certain situations.

Now the Instagram account “abriendolitrosconcosas”, which is basically dedicated to producing shorts where the ultimate goal is to open a bottle of beer from a well-known brand in the most varied ways possible, now they have wanted to make a parody about GTA San Andreas.

In the parody that you can see in the news, we see how the protagonist rides on a motorcycle using its characteristic animation. After advancing a bit with the motorcycle, he meets a group of gang members.

As we always used to do in our games, we would get into a clean fist with any secondary character that we saw milling around the street, and here is no exception.

We also had the urgent need to steal any car that we saw on stage, and in this parody we try to do something similar, although with an outcome where the character is shot with a machine gun. In the end, the typical scene of leaving the hospital, and back on the bike once more.

Other references to GTA with winks representing different scenes of the license have already been seen on TikTok or Instagram, more specifically about San Andreas, which has always been rumored that it will receive a future remake.

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