These controllers replace the Joy-Con and are also much cheaper: they cost only € 39.99

These controllers replace the Joy-Con and are also much cheaper: they cost only € 39.99

Every fan of Nintendo Switch knows that the console has many benefits but that, unfortunately, the Joy-Con are not usually one of them. Although very portable, Joy-Con tend to be uncomfortable and insufficient if you want to play more professionally. And that is a hassle.

Fortunately, some Third Party companies develop official peripherals for the most demanding players, like the well-known Hori. On this website they are well known for their excellent controls, such as Split Pad Pro, the professional alternative to Joy-Con. And they are on sale for 39.99 euros!

The Split Pad Pro are usually around 50 euros, but with this offer you save 10 euros, which is not bad. These are the controls in black but for other prices you have them in other colors and even with much loved video game motifs, such as Pokémon or Pac-Man.

With these controls you will forget about the Joy-Con forever, because you will add to your Switch two controls with a better grip and many more functions, as if it were a portable Xbox or PlayStation controller that you can place in your hybrid console.

In fact, the Split Pad Pro controllers are like a hybrid between the Nintendo Pro Controller and the Joy-Con, since their grip is bigger, they have one textured concave crosshead, count on oversized triggers to shoot better and, as if that were not enough, they have programmable buttons.

Both peripherals have Turbo button and you can program two back buttons to create your own macros or repetitive keystrokes, so you can play like a professional with two controllers that are like Joy-Con, but much more complete.

Of course, to get everything they have sacrifice HD vibration, motion sensors, NFC and IR camera. But you win in comfort and in programming. Even Nintendo has given their approval, making them official controls.

Take advantage of this offer for 39.99 euros and receive them tomorrow with Amazon Prime. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up and benefit from its advantages for a month or, if you are a student, sign up for Prime Student to get a 3-month trial and up to 50% on your annual subscription.

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