The director of the new film of Face to face assures that it will not be a remake

The director of the new film of Face to face assures that it will not be a remake

Many of you may already know by now that Hollywood has intentions of producing a new movie by Face to face, the 1997 action-thriller classic from John woo what did you see how John Travolta and Nicolas Cage they exchanged their faces to become their respective archenemies. An FBI agent became an international criminal while the criminal impersonated the agent to “hunt down himself.”

Since the project for the new Face to Face movie came to light, it has been talked about as a remake, so the director assigned to the project, Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs Kong) has spoken with Entertainment Weekly about.

Wingartd has said he has deep respect for the John Woo-directed film. “It is the film that introduced me to the use of slow motion,” he commented during the interview. The filmmaker has assured that they do not intend for the film to be a remake of that film.

After praising the work of Nicolas Cage, John Travolta and John Woo himself, Wingard has said that “they would never intend to do Face to Face again.” The director has ensured that the project in which he and the scriptwriter are working Simon Barrett It is a direct sequel to the original film, and in no case a remake, although he has said that he prefers not to give more details about what they have planned. Meanwhile, Nic Cage is dismantling robots in Willy’s Wonderland.

What do you think that the new Face to Face movie is not going to be a remake?

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