The best April’s Fools joke? Razer “presents” Rapunzel, its shampoo that gives RGB colors and brilli-brilli

The best April's Fools joke?  Razer "presents" Rapunzel, its shampoo that gives RGB colors and brilli-brilli

Today the traditional April’s Fools, which has sometimes resulted in great games like Yakuza Like a Dragon and other times in a few laughs. Keep your eyes wide open today, because studios and companies they are throwing false information and little jokes.

Without a doubt, Razer is running as one of the candidates to win the April’s Fools of this 2021, and it is that it has presented an official shampoo for gamers, what dye your hair with brilli brilli and RGB colors, to accompany your games in your spectacular gaming setup.

This is obviously a joke about April’s Fools, although initially some users took it seriously. To accompany this announcement, the official account of Razer Spain He launched a small video that explained how to apply this shampoo to achieve the colorful results.

In style, Razer presented its shampoo Rapunzel Chroma, and surely some players would have liked it to come true. As an official product, it had its own user manual and its box, which showed the results we would obtain when applying this shampoo to our hair.

One of the examples is the main image of this article, where you see that our hair it would take on different RGB colors, as if it were the rainbow itself. Shortly after, to clarify, Razer reported that it was a joke by April’s Fools. But beware, because Razer itself has already presented its official glasses, a technological mask and a new clothing line … so it could all be.

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The truth is that the idea is not as crazy as it seems, and is that Xbox had already introduced its official shampoo long ago for Microsoft platform players, and it is common for colonies and products from video game sagas and other brands to be launched.

Would you have liked to show off your RGB manes? If you have been wanting to wear this Rapunzel Chroma, we always have the hope that Razer will make it a reality.

Source: Razer Spain

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