PS5 Exclusive Returnal Reveals New Details About Its Gameplay And Haptic Features

PS5 Exclusive Returnal Reveals New Details About Its Gameplay And Haptic Features

The next April 30th You have an appointment with Returnal, the brand new exclusive for PS5, which has been developed by Housemarque Studios, of whom we have highlighted their best video games. In addition, we know new details of how your haptic gameplay will work on PS5.

As you already know, Returnal will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware, but will also place special emphasis on the haptic functions of the DualSense controller, such as zone vibration or adaptive triggers, among other. Now, Housemarque explains some features and how they will work in your game.

Keep in mind that Selene, our protagonist, is not a soldier, and therefore we will have to use our heads to move through the scenarios and defeat each enemy. It will not be worth being a Rambo, and we will have to manage our jumps, dodges and other details well of its roguelike gameplay.

Speaking of Returnal’s haptic gameplay, one of the main details is how the force we exert on the triggers will affect in the zoom of our weapon. If we press the L2 button moderately, we will enter the zoom mode of your weapon, but if we press it all the way, it will activate the secondary fire mode.

It is just an example, since we will also have a hook, and its tension will depend on the force we exert on the DualSense triggers. Selene will have a large arsenal of weapons, although it will not be necessary to reload manually, with cute things like a Mega Man plasma cannon, or a burst pistol with different types of shooting.

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A detail of Returnal that has not been talked about excessively is the possibility of contracting parasites. Some of them will improve our attitudes in combat, while others will expand our health bar, although this will also affect other parameters in a negative way.

Are you looking forward to Returnal to your PS5? The next April 30th This exclusive will come from the hand of Housemarque, which promises to give you a galactic experience … but not everything is going to be a walk, so prepare your weapons and your thumbs.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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