Netflix keeps the sequels of Daggers in the back for 450 million dollars

Netflix keeps the sequels of Daggers in the back for 450 million dollars

The streaming market has gradually become a “battlefield” for the rights of many promising franchises that can give the platform a good amount of subscribers, and by extension, money. This battlefield has become more complicated after the arrival of platforms such as Disney Plus or HBO Max, with two studios behind like Disney and Warner, which means that new movies from those studios will rarely (if ever) make it to other streaming services.

One of the last skirmishes for the rights of a franchise has resulted in the acquisition of the rights to Puñales from behind by Netflix for a whopping $ 450 million, as reported Variety, with which the platform ensures to host its two sequels as “Netflix originals.”

In 2019, the director Rian Johnson went behind the scenes with Daggers in the Back, a $ 40 million budget mystery film that grossed more than $ 310 million at the box office thanks in part to its stellar cast.

Currently the first sequel to Daggers from the Back is underway and a third film is in the agreement signed by Netflix. Daniel Craig will get back into the detective’s skin Benoit blanc to unravel these new mysteries presented to you. Surely he will meet witnesses, accomplices and culprits as bizarre as those who touched him in the first film, but it is the life of a criminal investigator, a daily adventure.

What do you think of Netflix’s acquisition of the rights to Daggers from behind?

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