Maneater announces Truth Question, its first DLC for PC and consoles

Maneater announces Truth Question, its first DLC for PC and consoles

One of the funniest games of the past year 2020 was Maneater, Tripwire’s sandbox for PS4, Xbox One and PC where we drive a shark throughout the entire ocean, while we fulfill missions, we improve our creature, we get new abilities and much more.

It was recently confirmed that the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch this spring, and is also currently available for the next gen PS5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles. To conclude, Maneater has announced its first DLC, which will arrive next summer.

Truth Question is Maneater’s first DLC, which will be available in the digital stores of PlayStation, Xbox and PC (It is unknown if it will reach Switch launch), a a price of 14.99 euros. Its main novelty will be two new missions for the history of the title, which we detail below.

In this new expansion, we will explore conspiracy theory about a new species of mutated sharks, who are causing terror on the shores. The Naval Wildlife Organization and Trip westhaven are investigating the why of these mutations, and we will play a role in the adventure of Truth Question.

Our goal is to give gamers more of what they loved about the original Maneater, with the ability to grow, explore a whole new region in the face of the coast of Port Clovis and develop more tools of destruction. Inspired by Scaly Pete’s father’s tales of the ‘Gub’ment Experiments’, we resume where we left off and joined trip westhaven and to the shark’s journey through conspiracy theory and military cover-ups as he eats, explores and evolves through these uncharted waters

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There will be numerous playable novelties, as now our human enemies they will attack us from helicopters and fortifications from the coast, but also the limit has been raised to level 40, so we can continue to improve our shark in Maneater. It has also been indicated that there will be more locations and scenarios to explore.

Maneater: Truth Question is coming this summer to digital stores, available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PCWhile this spring the game will arrive on Nintendo Switch.

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