John Woo to produce Monkey Master, the superhero story written by Stan Lee

John Woo to produce Monkey Master, the superhero story written by Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s influence on the world of comics (and movies) spans far beyond the confines of Marvel comics. The legendary publisher created characters and worlds on the pages of his comics both on Earth and on other worlds. One of the last stories he was working on was Monkey Master, a comic that drank from the legend of the Monkey King of China, a culture that Lee has admitted to admiration for on more than one occasion.

Stan Lee and Sharad devarajan They created the unpublished Monkey Master comic, the story of a New York archaeologist who discovers an ancient prophecy related to the Monkey King. This takes him to India, where a hidden power will transform him into a modern superhero known as Monkey Master.

Now, thanks to the collaboration between POW! Entertainment, the company founded by Lee, and the director and producer John woo, Monkey Master will make the leap to the big screen with a film that adapts the story written by Stan Lee and Sharad Devarajan.

John Woo expressed his excitement at finally being able to tackle a story about the Monkey King of China. As collected Variety, the director had long wanted to take a different approach to the legend, and it is something he found in the story written by Stan Lee. Director of Face to face and Mission Impossible 2, among others, has not given many more details about the project, but without a doubt we will get to know them in the coming months.

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