It’s out of stock at Amazon, but you can still get this original PS5 Dualsense on sale for 55 euros

It's out of stock at Amazon, but you can still get this original PS5 Dualsense on sale for 55 euros

Buying an additional remote is always a must. If you want to play with friends, you will always lack controllers, and it doesn’t matter if they all have one too, you will always lack more. If it is to play by yourself, it does not matter, because yours will start to break or it will not respond well just when all the stores are closed and you were playing a FIFA tournament. In the end, buying one more remote when it is available at a good price is always a good thing. And right now you can buy the Dualsense at a special price.

It is still not easy to get a PS5 on the market due to the high demand that there is. And although the controls have a different manufacturing process and more units can be produced, they are also difficult to find. The launch price of the original controls is 70 euros, but right now you can buy the Dualsense on sale for 55 euros in Media Markt, a great opportunity considering they are out of stock even on Amazon.

It is not necessary to talk too much about the Dualsense. The original PS5 controller is characterized by having been one of the greats of the new generation of Sony, and establishes a radical difference with respect to the Xbox. The gaming experience is greatly improved thanks to the haptic response that this controller has. At the moment there is no true quality alternative if what you are looking for is a good controller to play with the PS5.

However, and despite the fact that there are no alternatives, and that the demand is high, right now you can get it for a good price. It was not even easy to get a Dualshock 4 controller just a few months ago below 50 euros, and in any local store you would have gotten it for about 60-65 euros. So being able to get this Dualsense for 55 euros is great news, and a good opportunity right now.

In fact, we do not know exactly if it will be the price that the remote will retain over time. You have to think that as time passes and more users have a PS5, there will be more buyers, and the price may also rise at that time. Be that as it may, for a recently launched game console the price of the controller is very cheap.

And also, there is currently no better controller than the Dualsense to play with the PS5, so If you want to get a second command, this is your chance, for just 55 euros.

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