Godzilla vs Kong comes to World of Warships to wreak destruction on the seas

Godzilla vs Kong comes to World of Warships to wreak destruction on the seas

The naval battles in World of Warships were intense enough … so imagine what would happen if Godzilla and King Kong joined the party as commanders. It’s a dream come true, thanks to a Legendary Pictures collaboration with the creators of World of Warships.

On the occasion of the monstrous premiere of Godzilla vs Kong in theaters, Wargaming’s ship battle game receives an update with new thematic content, such as two amazing skins of both characters, or the possibility of electing them as commanders.

Godzilla and Kong join the World of Warships battlefield, with loads of objects and cosmetics to customize your boats. Each character will have their own boat, with a figure on the bow, commander options, a flag and loads of decorative objects, celebrating the film’s theatrical release and HBO Max.

Almost 60 years ago, King Kong and Godzilla They first met on the big screen in Japan, and since then the rivalry of these mythical creatures has captured the imagination of millions around the world. World of Warships is always looking for new and exciting content that our players would appreciate and we are delighted to share with them our vision of this legendary clash of the titans” explains Aleksandr Nikolaev from Wargaming.

Of course, it is a limited-time promotion, available next May. From the acclaimed Godzilla, we will have at our disposal the Japanese battleship Amagi, with a weight of 41,217 tons and a nice skin in bluish colors, with a flag and the figure of the iconic monster.

Godzilla vs Kong in World of Warships

Kong also has his thing, and that is that we can choose the battleship USS North Carolina, 37,484 tons and with lots of details that mix colors like black and orange. Both characters have their own special items, patches, flags, figures, and other items seen in their movie series.

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So much World of Warships as World of Warships: Legends will benefit from these cosmetics next May. If you choose Godzilla, your battleship will be named Heat ray, while if you choose Kong your ship will be renamed as Primal, each with its own special characteristics and weapons.

You know, if you want to crush your enemies with Godzilla vs Kong, the next month of May (at the end) This exclusive promotion is coming to World of Warships on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

Source: Legendary Pictures

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