Go to WiFi 6 and get to 3,000Mbps with this ultra-fast router from Huawei: it is reduced to 48 euros

Go to WiFi 6 and get to 3,000Mbps with this ultra-fast router from Huawei: it is reduced to 48 euros

If that lag and poor connection sound familiar to you when you play with your PC, Xbox or PlaySation (and even when you are simply surfing the net) you have two options: either take a breath and load yourself with a lot, a lot of patience or you get an ultra-fast router with WiFi 6.

And it is that yes, it is normal that we do not get to enjoy 100% of the speed that we hire, but it is usually because the routers of the operators are simple and leave a little to be desired. Fix that problem and travel at full speed over the network with this Huawei router on offer for 48 euros.

We are talking about a router that normally costs 109 euros and that, for some reason, Amazon has lowered more than 50%. This leaves it at a much lower price than usual, so you save more than 60 euros and in exchange you get a router with which you won’t have time to even blink.

We are talking about a historical minimum price for an ultra-fast router with WiFi 6 with whichYou will continue to reach speeds of 3,000 Mbps, which is said soon. And is that WiFi 6 is the connection you need if you like to play online or you have to telecommute or study, because it offers a connection not only faster, but also more stable.

With this router this speed of 3,000 Mbps can be distributed in a maximum of 574 Mbps 2.4 Ghz bands and up to 2,402 Mbps in 5 Ghz bands. As you know, these figures will be a little lower due to the obstacles that exist in the houses, but that does not mean that it will improve your connection by much.

Also, the router it is compact and can easily go unnoticed thanks to its minimalist design in white. Features Huawei Share wireless technology and an NFC chip with which you can connect without passwords; just one tap on your mobile phone and you can allow your friends and family to access your guest network.

If you want to improve your Internet connection, this is the cheapest opportunity: 48 euros on Amazon so you can enjoy a robust and fast connection tomorrow thanks to Amazon prime or Prime Student, which you can try for free without obligation for one or three months respectively.

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