Following the closure of the PS3 store, Microsoft emphasizes the importance of the physical format

Following the closure of the PS3 store, Microsoft emphasizes the importance of the physical format

As you well know, last week Sony announced that the virtual stores of PS3, PS Vita and PSP will close permanently in the next months. An authentic disaster for all users of the digital format or that they have ever had or have games of this form stored on their consoles. Even creators have been affected, some of them on PS Vita have had to cancel or rush their projects because they found out about the announcement by the media.

Of course, everyone knows comparisons are hateful, but in the same weeks we have seen how on the one hand these digital stores are closed, and on the other they can be played Backward compatible titles in the cloud by Xbox Game Pass. Also, it was supposed this closure would be effective in summer, but now it is impossible to access them from the browser.

Whoever Xbox user knows perfectly that to buy a new one Xbox series x is to play his titles from years and years ago, but in a new effort for retrcompatibility (perhaps because of this) he has emphasized the importance of the physical format. Microsoft says the news of the cloud game to general Xbox titles of its next step to “play cross-generation games regardless of hardware“, calling it”charming and critical“.

The xbox team they have dedicated a full interview to Craig duncan, boss Rare, about the backward compatibility importance and being able to play Xbox 360 titles like Viva Piñata on modern consoles and mobiles. And that game, along with others, will even add modern controls on smartphones and tablets; Duncan thinks he’s brilliant: “Is essential. There are many inherent complexities when switching generations and platforms, being able to relive games that you have enjoyed before and remember very well is important.“.

Those games have memories and moments that you can share with others. and be able to do it quickly just by making a selection from the game in Xbox Game Pass It is easy. And it also works without problem“.

What games to buy on the PSN store for PS3, PSP and PS Vita before closing

It is obvious that not everything is perfect, because since Pure Xbox affirm that some Xbox 360 and many original Xbox games still missing for being available. Nevertheless, the vast majority are already present and can be played from now on, which is wonderful. Although it remains to be seen what will happen to the xbox 360 store, but that is another matter.

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