Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Coming April 13

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Coming April 13

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most successful proposals of Square Enix’s JRPG saga, presenting an immersive online experience on PS4 and PC … and soon on PS5. The Japanese company has announced Final Fantasy 14 open beta release date on Sony’s new console.

As Square Enix announced a few weeks ago, Final Fantasy XIV will be released on PlayStation 5 (although it was already playable through backward compatibility), with technical improvements, better resolution and a much smoother performance. Of course, it will not be a technical revolution.

Final Fantasy 14 PS5 Open Beta To Begin next April 13, and all gamers who own the Sony console will be able to download it for free on the PS Store, since it will not be limited to certain users nor will there be any other kind of restrictions.

For everyone who owns Final Fantasy XIV on PS4, when the PS5 version launches they can update it for free to this next gen version, and the game disc is not required to participate in the open beta. Different indications are given in this regard on the official website of the game.

This means that any owner of a PS5 You can play this Final Fantasy XIV beta for free, ahead of its final release on Sony’s next gen console. Its producer even indicated that he would like to make a patch that improves the technical section, since the title was launched in 2014.

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Beyond this beta and the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 14It must be said that a new expansion for the MMORPG, Endwalker, will be released next fall, which will be just one more step in the trajectory of the title. Square Enix will support your MMORPG for at least five more years.

If you have one PS4, PC or PS5, Final Fantasy XIV is a great option to enjoy one of the best role-playing sagas in history, and also with worlds full of life and possibilities. At the moment, a launch on Xbox is not planned … although Square Enix will bring 6 new games to Game Passso you never know.

Source: GamesRadar

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