E3 2021 continues as an online event with demos, but it will NOT be paid

E3 2021 continues as an online event with demos, but it will NOT be paid

The E3, the annual video game event that has been held for 25 years, was suspended for the first time last year 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. For 2021, the E3 organization plans a “reinvention”, which completely abandons the presence, but that it would continue to be held online. And with many changes.

Although the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has not made any official announcement, the medium VGC has been filtering documents sent to publishers for some time, showing how this edition of E3 is being planned, which would now be called Electronic Entertainment Experience, instead of Expo.

The most striking change of this new E3 is that it would offer users the possibility of visit virtual stands and access demos of upcoming games, through cloud technology GeForce Now. Thus, if traditionally only journalists and specialized personnel could test these new demos, now everyone could do it through their computer.

Of course, although according to the VGC the ESA had suggested to publishers that part of its content would be paid, the official E3 account has confirmed that it will not finally be the case: all of E3 2021 will be free and digital, and the “real news” will be announced soon.

Apparently, the ESA explored the possibility of showing part (it was never known how much or for how much) of E3 2021 was paid, but at least one of the large publishers rejected it, and the ESA was willing to change it.

The news of “E3 paid” It quickly spread on social networks, and even his own, and even Geoff Keighley himself, who used to work at E3 but this year has decided to turn his back on him, joked about the matter, before the E3 tweet …

Presentations and demos online, all from home

The bulk of the event, as usual, would be made up of the publisher presentations, where to show their future news, that would take place over three days in the week of June 13. Apparently there are other kinds of events planned like an opening gala and an awards ceremony.

The celebration of digital E3 2021 continues, although it may depend on if ESA can convince enough companies to bring their presentations and announcements to E3. In the past year many companies have chosen to host their own virtual events (most recently Square Enix). Geoff Keighley, who previously collaborated with E3, put on his own show in 2020, Summer Game Fest, which will repeat in 2021.

According to VGC, several publishers had agreed to bring to E3 “some content“to show their support for ESA (which has also lowered the already high commission it charged publishers to enter E3 by a third). However, many of these companies they would be saving their biggest “bullets” for their own independent events

ESA argues that a single event in which to concentrate all the advertisements of publishers (large and small) can have greater attention power than sporadic events throughout the summer. What is your opinion? If all goes well for ESA, E3 will return the June 13, 2021.

Source: VGC

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