Demon’s Souls Remake’s creative director also leaves Japan Studios, joining other top executives.

Demon's Souls Remake's creative director also leaves Japan Studios, joining other top executives.

A few days ago we witnessed sad news for the Japanese game development sector. One of the most famous studios in history, the father of countless titles, will disappear and will merge with Team ASOBI under Sony.

Japan Studios restructuring marks the end of an era for many gamers and fans of his games and also for many of the figures who have shaped the development studio for years. Yet another director has left the company.

After a few outings, it is his turn to Gavin Moore, prominent developer associated with Japan Studio for over 24 years and that, recently, he held the position of creative director on the remake of Demon’s Souls for PS5, game by Bluepoint Games.

Moore has taken to Twitter to issue a brief statement accompanied by the emotional final scene of Blade Runner. After 24 years at Sony and 18 in Japan, yesterday was my last day at #JAPANStudio. I will miss the great creative spirit and camaraderie of the studio that was a big part of my life. It’s time to look for new and exciting opportunities!

Sony’s own Shuhei Yoshida has thanked Moore for their years of work and commitment. It has been a great honor working with you over the years. Yet another casualty to add to the list.

Yesterday we reported that Shunsuke Saito, director of Gravity Rush 2, was also leaving the studio. The departure of the Bloodborne producer also gave a lot to talk about at the time.

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