Death Race, the first video game that generated controversy about violence, turns 45

Death Race, the first video game that generated controversy about violence, turns 45

Since time immemorial, and now that this arcade game called Death Race celebrating his 45th birthday, he’s been trying blaming and criminalizing video games under the slogan that they generate violence. Although there are already many studies, some of them very recent, affirm that there is no evidence that violence is linked to video games.

Nevertheless, every time a new violent episode appears on televisions, whatever it is, many simply stay with the factors that “I spent a lot of time with video games“. But first game that had the ‘honor’ of being criminalized was this, not exactly recent, case with an arcade created by Exidy.

The game mechanics were simple, but in doing so she attracted a controversy for which she is famous today. In the game you had to run over skeletons, albeit in a humanoid form, and every time you managed to run over one, a cross would come out in the same place. Perhaps this is why attracted so much criticism.

In the arcade could be played alone or accompanied from another person, since for more fidelity there were two flyers. A few months after the arcade was released, it appeared in newspapers and various media for giving such ease to excessive violence that, according to them, it appeared in the game.

To make matters worse, the program of the CBS 60 Minutes dedicated a special to him on the psychological impact of video games. The video that you can see shows a bit of what the game was like, although now at this time it does not present much mystery.

There is no relationship between video games and violence, according to the American Psychological Association

What is clear is that 45 years ago video games were blamed for inciting violence, but nowadays it is still being done.

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