Bungie, creator of Destiny, wants to launch a totally new game in 2025

Bungie, creator of Destiny, wants to launch a totally new game in 2025

What are the plans Bungie, Destiny 2 developer studio, in the future of video games? Apparently, among these would be a new game for 2025, but a recent interview with his designer Jacob Benton in 4Gamer has revealed some more data. Specifically, the parallels they have used when creating the entire Destiny universe.

The interview on the portal it’s in japanese, but thanks to the translation of the Twitter account @DestinyNewsCom we know what has been said. “In Beyond the Light, the power of the Pyramids and Darkness spread to the solar system. The Witch Queen will continue the story“Also, to continue the story of.”Light and darkness“they need another chapter that represents the story behind”The end of the Light“.

But I don’t think it’s the right direction for Destiny 2 for everything to go to Destiny 3“. The future of Destiny 2 is assured, Benton says they have no plans to stop creating great content for the game, but also, they would like to expand to grounds beyond games, like the movies. Although right now he cannot offer details about it, although they are dying to say so. “The possibilities are endless“.

As for itself Bungie has something beyond Destiny 2 in their plans, it seems that they are with a new IP yet to be announced. “Our team is working on a new secret world in parallel to Destiny. We have in sight a signature date for 2025“. It seems like, the developer does not stop making content, new to your current game and new in its entirety.

Even though there are still a few years to go before 2025, and within that year there are another 12 months ahead in which it can be put up for sale, at least they are already working on it.

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¿What do you think of Bungie’s plans for more games besides the Destiny saga?

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