A WipEout fan recreates the intro of the first game and the result is spectacular

A WipEout fan recreates the intro of the first game and the result is spectacular

Do you remember how to play the first WipEout game on the consoles of the time? The futuristic racing game was released years later, and subsequently relaunched with HD enhancements, for various platforms like PSP and PS4 at WipEout Omega Collection. What is clear is that, like many others, he left his mark on the memories of many players.

Well, today Thursday we leave you with a creation that is very interesting to liven up the final days of your holy week, a fan of the saga has made a remake from the intro of the first game. His name is Bejamin Brosdau and he has created this spectacular recreation of what was seen just after starting the game in PlayStation 1 and Sega Saturn consoles.

It looks like, Brosdau has said that he has been working on the project since it started in 2009., but he has had several stoppages in his work due to various adverse situations. At the beginning of this year, he found some files on his hard drive that was related to this job and that reminded him of it.

For this reason, he decided to get back to work to work on this homemade remakeHe just decided to do it again from scratch. As stated in the video description, Brosdau used some sets of Kitbash materials and created the intro with 3dsmax and V-Ray, with “some extra stuff from Houdini and Renderman“.

We leave it inserted because you deserve to take even a look at your work, Brosdau’s work has paid off after many years.

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¿How do you like the definitive work??

Source: VG247

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