A fan faces Goku and Superman in the Grand Tournament with this awesome LEGO

A fan faces Goku and Superman in the Grand Tournament with this awesome LEGO

What is the most powerful character in fiction? There could be a long and long debate on this question and two of the names that would undoubtedly appear in the gathering would be that of Goku Dragon Ball and Superman, the iconic dc character. Both characters have shown to have immeasurable power, although history has also required them to show their weaknesses, otherwise it is not funny.

A fan of both characters and the LEGO sets invites us to visit one of the most iconic settings in Dragon ball, the Martial arts tournament, a place where some of the biggest battles took place at the beginning of the series.

The user Wriststrong1 has shared his creation on reddit, with a fairly successful version of the combat arena of the Martial Arts Tournament, including the stands that were installed in successive editions, making it stop looking like a neighborhood fight like at the beginning of Dragon Ball.

In the middle of the fray we can see Kal’El measuring himself with Goku. Both minifigures are keen to unleash their potential in the tournament, although that may mean that being in public is not the happiest idea anyone can come up with. That said, we recommend that you take a good look at the minifigures that are in the public, because you will find everything. And no one would want to miss such an epic fight for the world.

Lego World Martial Arts Tournament! desde r / dbz

What do you think of this curious recreation of the Martial Arts Tournament made with LEGO and with an exceptional guest like Superman?

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