A 1999 letter from Charizard is auctioned for over $ 300,000 on eBay

A 1999 letter from Charizard is auctioned for over $ 300,000 on eBay

The second-hand market of pokemon cards still just as lucrative, along with sports cards and other collectibles, anything branded from a successful franchise tends to be business. While its value is a fraction of the auction item, up to current expansions their resale price is high, so collecting them is very expensive.

With this in mind, it is not so rare that a first edition in almost perfect condition of this Charizard has broken all records in these types of auctions. The card has been bid up to $ 311,800 on eBay, but it is considered the holy grail of memories in pokemon cards and I know had evaluated by PSA like ‘Gem Mint 10’, which made it perfect.

During these years hundreds of similar letters have been presented, but less than 200 have received this 2-digit score. Of course, although the purchase in the end was made by this incredible amount of final money, it is not the largest amount that has been invested in a single pokemon card.

Precisely, last year a higher amount was paid for a Pokémon card from a super rare Blastoise, of which it is believed that only a few units exist. The price to pay for it? It sold for $ 360,000, making it the current record for the most expensive card outside of private auctions and without advertising.

¿There will be some other object that exceeds either of these two quantities? Taking into account that an object could appear that someone has had hidden and thinks that it has no value, anything is possible.

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For now, we are left with this Charizard Pokémon card that has exceeded $ 300,000 at auction.

Source: eBay (Thanks, We Got This Covered)

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