You will not find a cheaper gaming mouse than this: a Mars Gaming MMG for only 7 euros

You will not find a cheaper gaming mouse than this: a Mars Gaming MMG for only 7 euros

Gaming mice are your best allies when playing on the computer: Its ergonomic design is very practical to play for hours and illuminate your games with hundreds of colored lights. And although there are very inexpensive, you may miss a bit of budget.

But now I do you have no excuse not to buy this mouse from Mars Gaming, nothing less. The most prestigious gaming company is characterized by designing excellent quality peripherals for all users. And how does a Mars Gaming MMG gaming mouse sound? for only 7 euros? Good, really?

This gaming mouse is very simple, but it has everything you need to adapt to anyone who wants to enjoy hours of intense gaming in total comfort. In a compact size it hides great precision, especially thanks to its 3200 DPI optical sensor.

This sensor provides the mouse with absolute precision in each game, creating very fluid and exact movements. PYou can switch between 800, 1,600 and 3,200 DPI with its on-the-fly toggle button, located in the center. Its lightweight design and non-slip grip-grain finish also help, guaranteeing a comfortable but firm grip.

As a good gaming mouse worth its salt, the MMG features LED lighting and emits an RGB Flow effect dynamic auto that alternates colors to create shades that suit you. It also has Huano mechanical switches for precision and durability.

And as if that were not enough, it is a very versatile mouse in terms of compatibility because, in addition to using it on Windows, Linux and Mac, it is also is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

And all this for only 7 euros on Amazon! If you were looking for a good, beautiful and very cheap gaming mouse, with the MMG from Mars Gaming you no longer have an excuse. Above, if you have an account Amazon prime or Prime Student, you can have it tomorrow at home at no additional cost. All advantages.

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