This Lady Dimitrescu cosplay faithfully recreates the actual stature of the Resident Evil Village vamp

This Lady Dimitrescu cosplay faithfully recreates the actual stature of the Resident Evil Village vamp

Since Capcom introduced the antagonists of his new Resident Evil Village, users all over the internet – whether or not they are players of the saga – have had little eyes for a single character: Lady Dimitrescu. Well, it would rather be fair to say that they have also been very excited about their vampire clan, but with her especially.

And it is that for a while the study has not been fully aware of the success which has had its creation, at first this surprised the whole team. But little by little he is getting carried away by it, samples of this are the commercial in Hong Kong with a life-size Dimitrescu, although more spectacular is that they take it on buses.

Well, even though some time ago we leave you with an impressive and faithful cosplay of the character in design, it did not recreate its height completely; It is not easy, of course. Now we introduce you to Yekaterina Lisina, a bronze medal with the Russian basketball team and now also a model, who has achieved the most accurate 1: 1 recreation in height to date. Dimitrescu.

You just have to take a look at this to check it though this other photograph it is also special to emphasize your height. So that these, and all their poses can look this good, he has needed a whole outfit, with a dress made by osqurobviously, hairstyle and makeup by beautybyblas, photography by nikolayshlykov, edition of shotbyshepherd and help for lugovskav and themushroomxiii.

Although the character of Lady Dimitrescu is almost 3 meters, and Lisina is “only” about 2.10 meters tall, it is important to put those numbers in context. Especially because she is the woman who came closest in both aspects, height and characterization of the character.

Resident Evil Village will allow to build walls to defend themselves and there will be “other tricks”, according to its producer

¿What do you think of Yekaterina Lisina’s cosplay as Lady Dimitrescu?

Source: Kotaku

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