The world’s largest video game cheating ring dismantled in China

The world's largest video game cheating ring dismantled in China

The video game business is one of the most lucrative in the world, moving billions of dollars, with titles that manage to sell tens of millions of units throughout a fiscal year and with companies that invest a large budget to make large productions .

But there is also a submerged market, and we are not only talking about piracy, but also about different cheating networks that, promising to give players an advantage, practically become billionaires. And one country in particular affected by these types of traps is China, and that is why the tech giant Tencent For years he has been working on a joint strategy with the police to be able to dismantle all these networks of cheaters.

So for years, Tencent has had an investigation team in place to track down all the cheat code sellers in China and that, together with the country’s authorities, is beginning to give them very good results since now they have dismantled a network of cheat sellers, possibly the largest in the world.

The group that sold cheat programs for the most popular games on the market was able to generate more than 764 million dollars for the last several years, and they did so by selling subscriptions through 17 fraudulent websites.

Specifically, they were based on a subscription system where the user paid to have access to all the cheats of the games in exchange for an amount of 10 dollars per day, or 50 dollars per week or 200 dollars per month. On average this group made about $ 10,000 a day, and those responsible lived like real tycoons.

In fact, those responsible for the fraudulent network had luxury sports cars, some valued up to 20 million dollars. Other members also invested in property or virtual currencies.

Specifically, this group offered traps for titles focused on mobile phones, but also more popular licenses such as Overwatch and Valorant.

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