The Gladiator Funko Pop for only 11 euros at Amazon, perfect for moviegoers

The Gladiator Funko Pop for only 11 euros at Amazon, perfect for moviegoers

You realize the years that pass when you stop to think about how old you were when a certain movie came out that seems recent, but has already become historical. Gladiator it was launched no less than 21 years ago. Starring Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott, it has survived even the most critical who attacked how little historical credibility the script might have. However, its success and popularity was such that today The Funko Pop of the protagonist is a great option to give to fans or moviegoers.

The protagonist of that movie, played by Russel Crowe, was Maximum Tenth Meridio, a reviled official of the Roman Empire who had been forced to fight in the Roman Colosseum. And it is this on which the Funko Pop in question is based. The best thing is that although the standard price of one of these dolls is 15 euros, this you can buy it for about 11 euros right now on amazon. An ideal addition to your collection.

Get the Gladiator Funko Pop at the best price on Amazon

The character was also known in the film as Hispanic. And went Masterfully represented by Russell Crowe, which won him the Oscar for Best Actor in 2021. In fact, the same film achieved great success, and was deserving of the Oscar for Best Picture by being considered by the Academy as the best film of the year. They were just some of the awards he received.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Máximo, Hispano, or simply, Gladiator, count on your own Funko Pop, and also available at a special price.

It’s about a standard model, 9 centimeters high, in the typical Funko box. Is he number 587 and belongs to the Funko Pop Movies collection. As always happens with the brand’s products, it presents a good level of detail even when it is a “cartoon” inspired by the character, of one of the most mythical scenes of the film, brandishing the sword to one side, and with another outstretched hand.

It’s about a Prime shipping productwell it is Fulfilled by Amazon, so we will have free shipping if we are Prime users, and we also have the guarantees that Amazon gives us when making this type of purchases. For only 11 euros, It is an ideal purchase for fans of the movie and the world of cinema.

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