Stadia and Discord work on Xbox Series X thanks to the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

Stadia and Discord work on Xbox Series X thanks to the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

At the beginning of still March, Microsoft started testing on its newly updated Edge Chromium browser for Xbox Series X. As reported in The Verge, they gave access to users in the Alpha Skip Ahead group and on consoles there would be a much better browser. Now it is again Tom warren, with access to the integrated browser, which has shown the news.

According to the editor in The Verge, Warren has been testing access to Stadia and Discord, but has even posted a few sample videos. In Discord For example, although the microphone is not detected to users from the Xbox Series X browser, everything else works perfectly.

That as for Discord, an app that works perfectly on various devices, in addition to having mobile versions. But,and what about stadia? Well, as we have commented from the beginning, in the browser Edge Chromium it is also possible to use the google platform; although, of course, not perfectly as it would be natively.

Warren himself has also published a small video of Google Stadia running through the console browser, even with a Destiny 2 start-up. Even if you don’t get out playing the game per se, bungie title, it seems to load the game quite avidly; We leave you with the tweet inserted just below.

Even though play Stadia through the Xbox Series X browser does not seem the most orthodox, the Google platform has certain exclusives that other consoles do not. For this reason, at first glance the interest in testing is there, latent.

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Microsoft has not yet commented on anything about When Edge Chromium will be available on Xbox Series X no half measures. However, if you already have access via the Alpha Skip Ahead test pool, do youwhy don’t you give it a try?

Source: GameSpot

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