Latest Spider-Man Miles Morales Patch Adds Realistic Character Warp Software to ZivaRT

Latest Spider-Man Miles Morales Patch Adds Realistic Character Warp Software to ZivaRT

Insomniac Games continues to support its latest title released. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales arrived a few months ago on PS5 and PS4But the creators of Ratchet & Clank have continued to add extras to the young spider-man adventure.

As we informed you yesterday, the new update of Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales adds a state-of-the-art suit and … a technology that brings more realism to Miles and his different outfits.

In the general aspects of this patch, the use of a new system of muscular and physical deformation which is added to the suits of the game with the intention of, precisely, to provide even more technical quality.

This technology is called Ziva RT (Ziva Real Time) and it is a software that manages to capture body deformations in real time thanks to machine learning. This system manages to reproduce movements with great precision and above all, realism. So that we all understand each other, ZivaRT places special detail on Miles’s muscle contractions when he makes a certain movement or effort.

This is the official definition of the software: ZivaRT (Ziva Real Time) is a technology based on machine learning It enables the user to obtain near-film-quality shape deformation results in real time. In particular, the software take a set of high quality representative mesh shapes and poses and train a machine learning model to learn how to deform that mesh.

If Insomniac has already added this software to Miles Morales, it would not be surprising that we see it in the future in that long-awaited sequel to the wall-crawler. What do you think of this technology? If you are a fan of the superhero, do not miss the amazing figure of the Spider-man of Miles Morales with his 2020 suit.

Source: Reddit / zivadynamics

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