Jin Sakai’s actor in Ghost of Tsushima is in favor of showing his butt if he’s cast in the movie

Jin Sakai's actor in Ghost of Tsushima is in favor of showing his butt if he's cast in the movie

One of the most successful PS4 exclusives continues to be talked about. After knowing that Ghost of Tsushima will be a film with the director of John Wick, now we only have to wait for the production to start and aspects such as the cast are confirmed.

Shortly after hearing the news, many players asked that the actor who plays Jin Sakai in the game, whoever also plays the character in the film. The choice makes sense and a few days later, the actor himself has spoken.

Daisuke Tsuji, has been in favor of this initiative and has wanted to go a step further. The Japanese actor has commented that she has no problem showing her bare butt for the movie. If I can play Jin the live adaptation of Ghost, let it be known that I totally agree to do my ass nudity.

Of course, this statement has fascinated fans of Ghost of Tsushima and is that Jin Sakai’s ass meme is one of the most famous in the community. This corresponds to a small cut scene when Jin relaxes in the different hot springs in the game, where the samurai ass can be seen and the partial nudity is played.

The scene became famous for how direct it is and because, in a game where righteousness, honor and other themes of the same nature, it was not expected that the rear of the noble warrior would be seen in a recidivist way. Therefore, given the prospect that this reference is in the game, everyone celebrates Daisuke’s words.

Where will Ghost of Tsushima be filmed? The settings are really beautiful, so many also ask that it be on the island of Tsushima itself. Linked to this, the creators of Ghost of Tsushima explained how they managed to authentically recreate its setting.

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