Genshin Impact Announces Native PS5 Version, Releasing This Spring

Genshin Impact Announces Native PS5 Version, Releasing This Spring

Genshin Impact players will be very happy with this news. And it is that MiHoYo, its creators, have confirmed that Genshin Impact is out on PS5 this spring, with a next gen version improved in graphics and functions compared to the version already available on PS4.

The popular online JRPG is currently available on PS4, PC and mobile devices, and a few months ago its developers announced that the game would come out on Nintendo Switch, although its release date is unknown. Now we know that the title It is also coming to PlayStation 5.

Genshin Impact will debut in style on PS5, so the players of this system will be able to leave behind the backward compatible version of PS4 to enjoy the game. This next-generation version will feature much faster loading times, graphics and environments at 4K resolution, better performance and improved functions, among other things.

PlayStation 5 is an ideal platform to enhance the vast open world that Genshin Impact presents, allowing the team to bring more thoughts and ideas into the game, both now and in the future. That’s why we’ve been working to bring the native PlayStation 5 version of the game to our players as soon as we can.” says MiHoYo President Forrest Liu.

In addition, the MiHoYo statement confirms that Genshin Impact will come to Sony’s new console this very spring, although still no specific release date. The same happens with the Nintendo Switch version, although it seems that it will take a few months to go on sale.

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Recently, we learned that Genshin Impact had already generated more than 1 billion dollars in micropayments alone, highlighting the mobile market and especially purchases in the App Store, that is, in the iOS platform. The success of the game seems to be far from over.

Genshin Impact coming to PlayStation 5 this spring, giving players a new opportunity to enjoy its open world, challenges, missions and all the charm of its lore. Currently, you can play it on PS4, PC, and mobiles.

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