Forspoken: new extended trailer with new gameplay and presentation of Ella Balinska

Forspoken: new extended trailer with new gameplay and presentation of Ella Balinska

Project Athia was the name by which Square Enix presented this new game during the event for PS5 The future of video games. Since then, and despite the fact that it was a provisional title and still under reviewYou hadn’t conceived of it any other way and the game stayed like that after all these months.

However, during the past Square Enix Presents event A few weeks ago, the company made its plans for the game a little better known. Forspoken would be the definitive name of Project Athia, presenting along with this announcement a new trailer for PS5 and PC. The same one that we leave you right now, only with the comments of Ella Balinska, its protagonist.

The game has programmed its release for next year, namely 2022, but at the moment we do not know almost the entire game and its plot. At the moment, just We have seen this girl move through a very beautiful world, but at the same time disturbing and terrifying.

Initially, Square Enix trademarked the name under a trademark known as “Forspoken,” which led to speculation about Final Fantasy XVI. Although for now, by now, already we are clear that none of this is so and everything was in relation to this new name not yet presented.

At the moment the unknowns about Forspoken they are still very open, the trailer is shown somewhat more extended about the game world, but without going into precise details. We will have to keep waiting a little longer to get to know better everything that surrounds you.

Project Athia for PS5 and PC is a very important bet from Square Enix, according to an insider

Remember that the writer of Star Wars Rogue One is working on the game and that the President of Square Enix confirmed that it is an open world.

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