FIFA 21 update 13 on PC and Stadia adds changes, adjustments and improvements to Ultimate Team and Career Mode

FIFA 21 update 13 on PC and Stadia adds changes, adjustments and improvements to Ultimate Team and Career Mode

FIFA 21 releases regular updates with the intention of solving problems, bugs and correcting playable aspects in various modes. Today a new patch, the number 13, is now available for PC and Stadia gamers.

This update is mostly focused on FIFA 21 Ultimate team, since it is the mode that is played the most and the most bugs it can present, although you can also find corrections in the Career or Volta mode.

Ultimate Team mode

These are the main bugs that are fixed in FIFA Ultimate Team. Do not hesitate to consult the patch notes complete:

  • Squad Battles end-of-game FUT coin skill rewards calculation was not always displaying correctly.
  • When a previously locked target group was unlocked, it could still have continued to show as locked.
  • At the kit selection screen in Division Rivals, the timer may freeze for the player who confirmed their selection.
  • Some 2D ICON Moments images were not displaying correctly in their player items.
  • When accessing the Transfer Market tab on the Template screen and viewing the search results as a list, the offer status icons were not displayed.
  • A FUT loading screen could incorrectly display the default badge instead of the player’s selected badge.
  • The messages that appeared in the News tile and its menus did not always display correctly.
  • During cooperative matches, the captain’s club name was not visible on the stadium posters for the invited player.

Career mode

  • Fixed the bug that made the substitutes who entered the game lose an amount of stamina.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user interface not to scroll automatically to the top when changing the classification in Transfer Hub and Squad Hub.
  • Fixed the bug whereby the Asian Continental Cup qualification did not work properly.

Volta mode

  • Fixed Squad Management bug where the player chemistry UI present on avatars was not displaying the correct value.
  • Fixed a possible stability issue that could occur when viewing the skill tree.

These changes have already been applied for PC and console versions and will soon be for Stadia.

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