Disco Elysium: The Final Cut with bug and performance issues for some PS5 players

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut with bug and performance issues for some PS5 players

Disco Elysium The Final Cut, after a long time of waiting, it is finally available on PlayStation and PC consoles, although for many it seems that it has not been something especially sweet. There are several players who report performance issues on PS5, with FPS drops and buttons that do not respond at the moment.

Since PlayStation Universe confirm have played about 3 hours without problems, but there are certain graphical glitches when going up and down stairs, but as they themselves say, not everyone is the same. Many themes created on Reddit are from users reporting problems such as FPS drops at the time of playing. To another player the buttons do not respond well, other report bugs, but also with unstable FPS.

It seems that these kinds of problems are popping up randomly and to some or other players, some do not suffer from anything, others only have one of those mentioned, but others they can even have several at the same time. Right now there is little that can be done other than wait for Studio ZA / UM to offer a statement on the matter and clarify the situation.

It is likely that take a while to consider what’s going on, to see how they could fix these bugs with a patch or similar solution. For now, We will keep you informed about what may happen, but it seems that these types of errors occur mostly in the PS5 version, although in that of PS4 there are also several to consider.

Final Cut Bug Megathread desde r / DiscoElysium

¿Have you experienced any of these errors in your version of Disco Elysium The Final Cut on PlayStation consoles? It seems that PC version everything seems to be going a little better.

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We will be up to date to see if this is going to get better or worse.

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