Captain Tsubasa celebrates 40 years in Shonen Jump

Captain Tsubasa celebrates 40 years in Shonen Jump

The world of manga is celebrating. On this day, March 31, 2021, exactly 40 years ago it began to be published in the Shônen Jump magazine Captain Tsubasa (Oliver and Benji), one of the best sports manga in history made by Yôichi Takahashi.

The story of Captain Tsubasa revolves around Tsubasa Ôzora (here known as Oliver Atom), a boy who since childhood has grown up with a soccer ball at his feet and has a great ability for soccer. Throughout the play we will see Tsubasa’s progress as a soccer player, from his beginnings in elementary school to becoming a professional soccer player.

The work immediately achieved enormous popularity around the world, especially as a result of the launch of its anime series, bearing in our memory many of the great moments of the series, including its mythical opening in Spanish, which we remind you of in the next video.

Although in Spain we only received the first part of the work, the Captain Tsubasa manga It has several sequels in One-Shots (unique chapters) or miniseries format, having titles such as Captain Tsubasa: Saga World Youth, Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002, Captain Tsubasa: Golden 23, Captain Tsubasa: Kaigai Gekito Hen and Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun.

Currently we can remember the adventures of Tsubasa thanks to the reissue of the manga Captain Tsubasa made by Planeta Cómic, although if what we want is to get fully into the football field, we always have Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions video game to relive the best moments of the manganime.

To commemorate the Captain Tsubasa’s 40th Anniversary We invite you in the comments to tell us what are your favorite moments of the ball wizards Oliver and Benji.

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