Now that Zack Snyder’s Justice League can be enjoyed by all HBO subscribers, it is normal that the popularity of the members of the main group of DC superheroes is through the roof. This leads us to the fact that it is as good a time as any other, or better yet, to launch merchandising related to dc characters most popular, like Batman or Superman. The people of Biion Footwear he knows precisely that it is time to launch new pairs of his “casual” shoes.

The company, known for its ergonomic footwear and suitable for social events of all kinds, has launched an extension of its line of superhero footwear. Last December, she released a pair of Wonder Woman shoes to mark the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984.

Now Biion Footwear has launched its new Batman and Superman shoes to expand the production line. They already have half the members of the League of Justice available so you can put them on your feet.

Batman’s shoes predominate in black, with the bat symbol in gold on the toe. Those of Superman, meanwhile, combine dark blue with red, and carry the symbol of the EL’s house on the toe. The two pairs of shoes are built on a firm EVA rubber sole that gives them comfort and the ability to adapt to almost all types of activities. The price of each pair is around $ 110 and can already be booked at the Biion Footwear website.

What do you think of the new Batman and Suoerman shoes?