Batman Arkham City receives an update on PS5, which fixes resolution errors

Batman Arkham City receives an update on PS5, which fixes resolution errors

While Rocksteady is not going to continue the Batman Arkham saga, that does not imply that they can arrive new updates and fixes of errors for the saga. In the middle of the development of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, it is now available Update 1.03 for Batman Arkham City on PS5.

As you may already know, a compilation is available on the PS Store, Batman Arkham Collection, which brings together the first three titles of this Bat Man franchise. You can enjoy all three games by PS5 backward compatibility, but Batman Arkham City had a resolution error on the new Sony console.

Fortunately, Batman Arkham City version 1.03 fixes this bug. For those who did not know this problem, it was that the game was running at a lower resolution than on PS4 and PS4 Pro, namely, lower than 1080p standard. From now on, on PS5 you will be able to play the same resolution than on the other Sony consoles.

In case you didn’t enjoy these great Batman games, this is the best opportunity to do so. Batman Arkham Collection reunites Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Origins, adapted to PS4 and backward compatible with PS5. Also, right now they are on sale in the PS Store, for 19.99 euros.

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If you replayed Batman Arkham City on your PS5 and noticed that the resolution was worse than you expected, don’t worry, because when you download this update you get equal or better performance than the original versions of the title.

Apparently this new update (which has been released without notice) it only fixes this bug, and there are no graphical improvements or new features as in other games. Recently, it was leaked that Batman Arkham Knight, the latest installment in the Rocksteady saga, could have native next gen versions.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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